How to make money summer




larger the number of campers, the more people who serve them are required. We are talking about maids and cleaners of the territory in hotels and recreation bases, about utility workers, waiters and sellers of kvass, mineral water, ice cream. Finally, during this period new guides are required, on duty at beaches, boat stations, etc. So in resort centers and recreation centers you can easily get a temporary job.


Summer always needs people busy harvesting. They can work under contract with public or private agricultural enterprises, farmers. Payment is made either in cash or in kind (part of the collected products). This is not easy, unskilled work, the prices are relatively low, but some amount can be earned anyway.


Summer is the traditional time of landscaping, improvement of urban areas. The list of works is quite wide: from garbage collection and flower planting to tree crowns. However, prices in most cases are also low.


You can get a job distributing advertising booklets, product price lists, trial samples. In large cities, even in summer, such vacancies are without much difficulty.


Organizations always need couriers. Work is not difficult, because to take documents or ordered goods to the specified address, no special skill or qualification is required. It is necessary only health, endurance and good knowledge of the city.


Also in the summer, entrance examinations to the university begin. And so people, who are perfectly aware of any of the exam subjects, can dig up the “golden vein”, becoming tutors. Of course, only a few, well-established teachers living in metropolises like Moscow and St. Petersburg will have really big earnings. But also tutors from small towns will be able to earn relatively well, dealing with entrants. As you can see, there would be a desire, and work in summer will be found!

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