How to make Easter curd

You’ll need

      • Vanilla Easter:
      • 800g cottage cheese;
      • 100g sour cream;
      • 200g sugar;
      • 2 eggs;
      • 100g butter;
      • 0.25g vanillin.
      • Raisin-nutty Easter:
      • 600g cottage cheese;
      • 4 eggs;
      • 200g butter;
      • 400g sour cream;
      • 1/2 cup almonds;
      • 1 cup pitted raisins;
      • 6 teaspoons lemon zest;
      • 1/4 teaspoon vanillin.
    • Instruction

      The principle of cooking this Easter is based on mixing products in a certain sequence and further their cooking on low heat. The finished dish should stand 12-48 hours depending on the recipe – only then Easter will gain its characteristic consistency.


      Choose quality products. Pay special attention to curd. For Easter, a gentle homemade or purchased low-fat product with weak graininess will be suitable.


      Spread the cottage cheese to a pasty state in a deep bowl. Add 50g of sugar to it and stir well. Enter the butter and sour cream into the mixture, all spread well.


      In a separate utensils, whisk the eggs with the remaining sugar. Pour the egg mixture into the curd mass and spread it all together until completely smooth. Put everything in a pan, put it on a weak heat and, stirring, heat until bubbles appear on the surface.


      Remove the pan from the stove, add the vanillin and stir the mixture well. Cool it, put it in the refrigerator, put it in a clean cloth cloth cloth and place it in a special wooden or plastic formula for 12-15 hours. After that, gently extract the Easter from the mold and lay on a platter. Before serving on the table, keep her cold.


      Very tasty and raisin-nutty Easter. To prepare it, spread the curd, add butter and sour cream to it, mix well. In a separate utensils, clean the eggs with sugar, add them to the cottage cheese and mix again.


      Scale the boiling almonds, peel it and cut it large. Raisins, rinse well and discuss. Put the fruit and nuts into the curd mixture, stir and move the mass into the pan. Cook it stirring over a very low heat or water bath for about an hour, making sure the mixture does not boil.


      Remove the finished cottage cheese mass from the heat and add the vanillin and grated lemon zest. Stir the mixture and refrigerate on ice or in the fridge. Put it in a canvas napkin and place it in a shape or under the press for 20 hours.

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