How to make a summer veranda from balcony

You will need
  • – balcony;
  • – glazing and finishing materials;
  • – linoleum or carpet;
  • – folding furniture;
  • – flower boxes;
  • – twine or strong threads;
  • – flower seeds.

Hover the balcony order. There’s no point in storing unnecessary stuff there. If you don’t use an old bike or a broken kettle for a year, you can do without them in the future. Throwing away, you’ll see that there’s not much space on the balcony.


The most affordable version of the summer veranda is with shading from frizzy plants. Attach long drawers to the railing. They can be pre-painted to look good both from the apartment and from the street. Try to arrange them so that flowers can be watered without causing trouble for the neighbors from below. Try to water your plants so that water doesn’t get on someone else’s balcony.


Tense between the drawer and the floor of the balcony thread whether twine. It is most convenient to stick pegs into the ground, to which and tie the threads. But it is possible to dispense with nails whipped into the edge of the box at equal distances from each other. True, in the second case you’ll have to blame the stems, when they get long enough, around the threads. Sow flowers.


Until the plants have risen, take care of the rest. The concrete floor is not quite suitable for a summer verandah, so build the coating. Linoleum or carpet will suit. A tile or piece of rolled linoleum can be glued or simply unzipped. It is possible to make a wooden floor as well, but it will take somewhat longer.


Shape the walls of your verandah. The balcony can be finished with a wagon or PCB panels. For an unglazed balcony, the last option is more convenient. The panels are easily fixed, they are comfortable to wash, the vagaries of the weather do not cause them much harm. In addition, they can be picked by color.


Pick up furniture. For a small balcony there will be folding chairs or stools, as well as a small folding table. You can put small wooden benches.


A large balcony for the summer veranda can be approached more thoroughly. True, it will take great costs as well, but the result will justify your efforts. First of all, insulate and shackle the balcony. Some of the works can be done independently, but glazing is better ordered by a company licensed for the relevant activity. Do not forget to specify that you are going to heat the balcony, then the masters will select the appropriate packages.


Ecli you assume to use the balcony only in summer, it is not necessary to heat it. However, this can be done, in which case you will not only have a veranda, but also an additional room in winter. The method of insulation depends on the design of the balcony. Old houses usually have a parapet, new ones have a metal grille with asbocement sheet. It will have to be replaced with a wall The most suitable material is foam blocks, because they are lighter, and in strength are not inferior to brick.


Strike the slits. Use pieces of foam to do this. Perform the cradle, strengthen the foam on it. Other materials can be used — cotton mats, for example. The outer part of the wall will be necessary.


Align the floor. It is best to pour the depressions and crevices, if any, with a sand cement mixture. It may be so that the floor is too low, and you would like to raise it. Make a gasket of two layers of keramzite, perform waterproofing on top and cover it all with sheets of foam. Styrofoam in checkerboard order. From the same sheets, make thermal insulation of the walls. Fill the slits with mounting foam. Finish the floor with linoleum or boards.


Remove the walls. For the insulated and glazed balcony suitable not only colored plastic panels or classic clapboard, but also the most ordinary wallpaper or self-adhesive film. You can choose wallpaper with a pattern that imitates wood or stone. Washable materials are preferred.


You only have to choose furniture. It depends primarily on the size of the balcony. You can put a folding chair, chair and table. Very good if you fit a few armchairs. But in any case the furniture should be easily cleaned. Finish the design of the plant. They can be hung on walls or placed on a special stand.

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