How to make a network with a domain

You will need
  • – multiple computers;
  • – telephone wire or wireless devices for communication;
  • – network provider.

Select the type of network you want to create. The local network is usually small and consists of several nearby computers. A large domain network can unite customers who are hundreds of kilometers apart.


Assign a name to the domain. The names have a special structure. The most important is the root domain or the top (first) level domain that determines the server location, as well as the occupation of the company. For example, domain ru shows location in Russia, com – more often foreign organizations operating on commercial terms. The second-level domain names are separated from the main point and refer most often to the name of the company to which the site belongs. For example, in the domain name, the word wikipedia represents a second-level domain. Finally, the third-level domain shows a part or department of a particular company, for example


Register a domain. You can do this by contacting top-level domain owners who sell a variety of domain names from the second level and below on the Internet. They will register a single site or network at once, perform security controls and provide their server for up to a year to store your information for a fee. It is important to pay attention to the life of the server and customer feedback about the owners of the domain you choose.


Connect all the computers of the domain network in the appropriate way. You can do this with a simple cable, telephone wire, satellite communications or wireless devices. In the domain server, Active Directory is responsible for system operation and communication between members. Also here you will be given access to administration and general security control. Specify the network settings that will be transmitted by your provider – IP, mask, gateway, and DNS addresses.

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