How to make a gardener calendar

You’ll need
  • a calendar indicating the state and position of the moon.

To compile a calendar, try to correctly determine the state of the Moon. See if the sickle can be mentally drawn to the letter โ€œRโ€, then the moon is growing. If you see that the sickle is like the letter โ€œCโ€, then boldly conclude that the moon is descending. It is not visible โ€” so today is the new moon, it is the first day of the moon’s growth. You can find out in advance all the features of the lunar cycle according to a normal calendar (for example, a broken off).


With the growing moon, nutrients go mainly towards the development of the above-ground part of the plant, so try to give plants foliar (leafy) underfeeding. When the moon descends, pay attention to the accelerated development of the root system.



day before the full new moon or after the day after its start, schedule the cleaning of dead plants, fallen leaves, other economic work. In no case can be carried out planting work these days.


During the growth period of the moon, energy goes up the stem of the plant, be careful of plants during this period. During the decline of the Moon effectively goes root formation, plants have great energy costs. Don’t miss this point โ€” actively carry out watering, use root formation stimulants.


To make a plan of landings and works for each day, determine the position of the Moon in a certain sign of the Zodiac. In each constellation, it spends two days, and a lot depends on it: the ability of plants to heal wounds, fertility, etc.


If the Moon is in the sign of Libra โ€” schedule plant planting and replanting. In the Virgin sign, it is best to carry out processing against weeds and pests.


Well will develop plants planted during the influence of fertile signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Scorpion, Pisces and Cancer. As a last resort, plant when the Moon is located in Libra or Capricorn, they will also yield a good harvest.



not in any case conduct planting and sowing on the day when the Moon is located in the Aquarius. This is the most unfavorable sign for plants, spend this day weeding, loosening, stepson, fight with pests and weeds.


Pay attention to the time listed next to the sign of the Zodiac, this is the time when the Moon enters this constellation. Specify in your calendar when you can start your scheduled event.

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