How to make a crème brule

You’ll need
    • 400ml fatty cream;
  • 150g sugar;
  • 4 yolks;
  • 1 vanilla stick.

Pour the cream into the pan and put the vanilla stick in there. Put on a medium heat. The mass needs to be brought to the boil, then immediately off. Leave for 15 minutes.


Break 4 eggs and separate the yolks from the proteins. Proteins can be removed in the fridge, and yolks must be wiped with 100 g of sugar. Don’t whip them, just stir.


When the cream has cooled slightly, add the yolk mass to the pan and mix well. Pour the resulting mixture into ceramic molds. Each container must have 3 cm of liquid.


Cover the moulders with a creamy mass with foil and put in a deep frying pan. Pour 2cm of warm water into it.


Preheat the oven to 160os and put a pan with molds there for 30 minutes. Check the readiness of the crème brûlée by shaking. If the mass “grabbed,” the dessert is ready.


Ready crème brûlée first hold a little on the table and then put in the fridge.


Make caramel. To do this, pour the remaining sugar into a small pile and pour it with a small amount of water. Put on the fire. After about 5 minutes, the sugar mixture will start bubbling — meaning that it can be removed from the stove.


Grease a plate or parchment paper with vegetable oil. Put caramel on it with a spoon. Give the sweet mass the shape of a circle the size of a ceramic mold in which the dessert was baked.


When the caramel cools, remove it from the plate or paper and lay it out on the already chilled crème brûlée. Hot caramel can be poured directly into the moulds with dessert, but it is necessary to do so as carefully as not to melt the creamy mass.


Dessert ready to serve on the table. Ideally, you should get a cold cream-vanilla crème brûlée with warm caramel.

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