How to lower cholesterol in the organism


Contact the hospital and ask for a referral for blood tests to determine the current cholesterol level. If it is highly promoted, the specialist will prescribe you drugs that will remove it from the body in the shortest possible time without harm to health. Self-medication is undesirable, you can spend time and money, but not get the right effect.


During treatment, observe the diet. Try to completely eliminate animal fats, milk, eggs, cheese and butter from your diet. Eat as much greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and legumes as possible โ€” these foods contribute to the withdrawal of cholesterol from the blood. Steamed or baked groceries.


Drink vitamin complexes, fish oil in capsules and folic acid. The body works normally and self-purifies only if enough trace elements arrive. Preliminary consult with a therapist โ€” contraindications are possible.


Drink carrot juice daily, eat walnuts mixed with honey. Not bad brings out excess cholesterol and garlic, it’s a pity that to eat it pure will not everyone agree. But it is worth suffering. Add some garlic to salads and main courses. If desired, you can make a cocktail. To do this, grind three cogs, add a tablespoon of red wine, apple vinegar, some olive oil. Take a spoon three times a day on an empty bed.


During treatment, do not consume alcoholic beverages and do not smoke if possible. Nicotine makes blood more viscous and contributes to cholesterol buildup. At dinner, it is not forbidden to drink some red wine, but it is necessary to keep an eye on the quantity. After a short period of time, take the re-tests. If the picture hasn’t changed for the better, you’ll be prescribed an additional course of therapy.

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