How to look for apartments in Peterburg


First of all, decide on the amount of rent you are willing to put out of pocket every month. Ask your acquaintances, rent accommodation in St. Petersburg, study websites and specialized publications – so you can find out the average price for the desired apartment. Rental costs can vary by area. Traditionally expensive districts are Central, Vasileostrovsky and Admiralty. Primorsky is considered to be optimal in the price-quality ratio — a large number of apartments are rented here in new houses. This area also makes attractive proximity to resort places, a large number of parks, developed infrastructure. Cheap rental options are Krasnogvardeyskiy and Kalininsky districts, due to their distance from the metro. The most budgetary — Lenoblast.


It is more appropriate to rent accommodation near the place of work. But if this is not possible, pay attention to the areas associated with your place of work with convenient transport links. For example, from Pushkin to Vitebsk railway station in the city center can be reached in half an hour by train, and accommodation in the suburbs has its indisputable advantages and will cost you significantly less.


Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to find an apartment for a beginner is through a real estate agency. The pros of this method are obvious — experienced realtors will quickly pick up your apartment on the base available to them and prepare a lease agreement. Minus — will have to pay a commission to the agency, which usually equates to a month’s rent for an apartment. The same amount will have to be paid as a collateral to the owner of the apartment. Please note that you have to pay the real estate firm only after you review all offers, choose your favorite and sign an agreement for the agency’s services. In the St. Petersburg market there are many reliable firms operating for more than the first year.


Somewhat less — up to half the monthly rent — is the commission of private brokers. These are usually former agency employees working as sole proprietors. Best of all, if you such a specialist is recommended by your acquaintance, who has already used his services.


Some unscrupulous firms offer for relatively little money lists of apartments with addresses and phones renting. It is assumed that you will call the hosts yourself and find the right option. Be careful, these are fraudsters. It will be impossible to reach phones from the list. And if you are answered, you will hear that the apartment has already been rented. Beware also “black” brokers and agencies operating illegally.


If you are not very time-limited and want to save on commissions, you can try finding accommodation in the Northern Capital on your own. Check your acquaintances living here, whether any of them or their relatives and friends rent an apartment. Some landlords prefer to deal only with tenants with recommendations. Use search and social networks — write in your status or on the page that you are looking for an apartment in St. Petersburg.


View ads in the newspapers “Chance”, “From Hand to Hand”, the weekly “Real Estate Bulletin”, on specialized websites. The resource “Yandex Real Estate” is convenient — it offers several websites at once. True, about 80% of ads, especially the most enticing ones, are given by agencies. And by phone you will be told that this apartment is rented, but there are many others in the database. So firms try to attract customers. But, having shown tenacity, you can find suggestions from the hosts. Generally, under acceptable conditions tenants are quick, so you need to hunt for fresh information.


Write and put up ads in areas that are considering for living. In the text, specify: “without intermediaries” or “at the owner” so that you are not disturbed by realtors. You can place the same ads on free specialized websites and in the above-mentioned newspapers.


Finding the right option, enter into a contract with the landlord, better in the presence of a notary. And, not to get on the rod to the scams, listen to your intuition and common sense. You should be wary if you are offered a fine option at a price far below the average market.

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