How to learn to listen to your biological hours


By observing the law of time, living by those biorhythms that are embedded in each person, you can not only preserve youth, but also prolong a full existence. To learn to listen to your biological clock, you need to become a harmonious personality. And it won’t happen while your head is occupied with one, your heart the other and your body the third. Not being able to adjust to your inner world, you will not be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment. And this can lead to cardiovascular disasters and many chronic diseases.


External adverse factors, whether poor ecology, chronic fatigue or stress, speed up your biological clock, and, therefore, approximate the time of death. But these hours, each second determining the body’s response to external influences, change its rhythm and adjust it, choosing the optimal frequency, the most favorable of all possible data specific conditions of existence.$


Through this adaptation, adjusting his biological clock, man gets the opportunity to defeat diseases. Therefore, it is so important to feel the rhythm set by the internal self-regulating mechanism. Listening to yourself, your feelings, living according to them, you will be able to carefully spend those internal reserves that are hidden in the body.


Develop and strictly adhere to the routine of the day, the mode of sleep and wakefulness. Strictly following it is a powerful synchronizing mechanism that makes each cell of your body work in a single rhythm. Learn to feel that rhythm.


Submit your life to the regime: eat at strictly defined hours, go to bed and wake up on time, exactly follow the doctor’s prescriptions when admitted medical preparations. Choose the mode in which you feel most comfortable and the body itself adjust to it, but you will have to try not to occur.


A wonderful way to feel, understand and appreciate sensations, to listen to your biological clock can be used by an uncomplicated exercise. Lying in bed before bedtime, reach out on your back and, closing your eyes, mentally examine your body from the tips of your toes to the top. Throw out of your head all hectic thoughts, relax and conduct an internal inspection, feeling warm in your body, relaxing strained muscles, soothing your breath. It must be slow and quite shallow.


Include such a procedure in your routine of the day and gradually you will begin to feel well your body and the biorhythms by which it lives. After that, any change in this rhythm associated with external adverse effects will be immediately diagnosed by you. Feeling the failure, you will always be able to connect the protective mechanisms in time and re-synchronize the rhythm of your life with the rhythm of your biological clock.

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