How to keep the bread harvest from fire

The bulk of fires arises from failure of the fuel system of harvesting machinery, electrical equipment, lack of sparklers on harvesters, careless handling of fire.

Lack of fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment, rapid response skills and extinguishing the resulting fire is the cause leading to the rapid spread of fire.

Even before the harvesting campaign, heads of farms have to take care of fire protection measures. First of all, it is necessary to pay special attention to the serviceability of the equipment and to equip it with all necessary means of firefighting. Conduct a detailed instruction of mechanizers on the procedure of action during ignition.

Two fire extinguishers, two shovels and two flaps must be installed on the combine. The same snap needs to be provided to cars coming for grain. Large water tanks are additionally installed on the tractor. In places of grain storage, currents, field mills, it is necessary to check all equipment intended for firefighting and to appoint a fire safety officer.

Once the bread arrays reach wax ripeness, all fields need to be carefully mowed and fazed by 4 meters. In addition, to protect the crop from fire, it is rational to divide large fields into separate areas, making eight-meter punctures between them.

Shields with warning signs about the prohibition of smoking and the use of open fire should be placed around fields around the perimeter. During harvesting, it is strictly forbidden to burn stubble and reap residues.

Comprehensive measures to prevent ignitions and strict compliance with fire safety regulations will help to preserve the entire crop of crops from fire.

For violation of fire safety rules during the harvesting campaign, administrative persons are fined in the amount of 200 thousand rubles, on individuals — 15 thousand rubles.

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