How to install a water heater

Read the installation instructions for the water heater attached to the product. It contains important information about the rules for connecting and installing the device. Ignoring these rules can cause damage to the device even before it starts operation or the occurrence of emergency situations during operation.

Select the location to install the water heater. It shall comply with all the requirements set out in the installation instruction. Be sure to make it easy and safe to lay a separate three-core power cable, water supply pipes and hot distribution pipes to the selected location. water to waterboarding points. At the same time, if a wall mounted water heater is installed with a large enough volume, check the strength of the wall to which it will be fixed.

Prepare the location chosen to install the water heater. If the device is to be mounted on the wall, mark the attachment points according to the instruction. Then with the help of a perforator or drill, remove holes in the wall, throw anchor bolts into them or pick up plastic dowels and roll the crutches.

Install the water heater. Mount the wall device firmly with fasteners and check the reliability of the installation. With respect to the floor device, control the absence of significant lateral heeling, taking advantage of the construction level.

Connect the water heater to the power supply network by laying a separate three-wire wire from the switchboard to the device. Select its cross section and type, guided by the indicator of the maximum current consumed. Recommendations for power wires are often provided in installation instructions. Connect the water heater through automatic fuse. Be sure to ground the device by connecting the wire to it and connecting it to the grounding bus in the electric shield.

Connect the water heater with the water pipe as well as water discharging points. Follow the installation instructions. Today, both flexible and solid metal, metal-layer or polypropylene pipes are used to connect water heaters. Flexible eyeliner is considered unreliable and should be avoided.

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