How to help victims in Crimea

The easiest way to help Krymsk victims is to transfer money. For this purpose the public organization “Russian Red Cross” opened an account, here are its details: checkpoint 230901001, TIN 2309030678, BIK 040349602 (Krasnodar branch № 8619 of Sberbank of Russia), corr/account 30101810100000000602, reckon/score 40703810330000000106. In the purpose of payment, specify: “Voluntary donation for citizens affected by floods in Krasnodar Krai in 2012”.

People without housing and livelihoods need a lot: warm things, blankets, cheap mobile phones, bed linen, hygiene items. All of this you can send by mail. Contact any post office “Russia Post” and indicate on the parcel “Humanitarian aid”, the address of the departure “Ministry of Emergency Situations of Krasnodar Krai, Krasnodar, Pochtamt 350000”. Such a parcel will be accepted absolutely free of charge, but there is one condition: all things must be new, sending used things is not allowed.

There are no such restrictions when sending things and products from humanitarian aid collection points, here we will gladly accept both used and electrical appliances, medicines, products, and drinking water, and baby food. Find the address of such an item in your city using ads in newspapers, television or social media and take things to your designated place. There may not be an aid point in small towns and towns — but you can create one yourself.

If you live near the affected area, you can go to Krymsk yourself. Collect things and products into the car (you can team up with other volunteers) and go to Krymsk. The addresses of the most affected families can be found on the internet or on your own by touring the streets of the destroyed city. To

go to Krymsk it is possible and as an assistant, there it is necessary to disassemble blockages, clean from garbage streets. You’ll need a tent, sturdy work clothes and gloves, groceries for days, water supply and building tools (axes, shovels, rakes, saws). It will be more convenient to unite with the same volunteers and go a whole team – like-minded people can be found using ads in the media or social networks.

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