How to help sick children on June 1

You will need
  • – details of the fund for helping sick children;
  • – team of like-minded people;
  • – materials for making toys and souvenirs;
  • – children’s holiday scenario.

Many children need expensive treatment that the family cannot always provide. Special funds exist to help such children. By transferring a small amount there, you will help the patient raise funds for surgery or buy an expensive medicine. For that8o it is not necessary to wait until June 1 at all. The only thing to keep in mind is that there are quite a few scammers who want to be at someone else’s expense, including at the expense of sick children. Take a careful look at the fund selection and find a proven one where the money really comes from sick children and their families.


Any child needs joy, even if bedridden. International Children’s Day is a great excuse to deliver that joy. Contact an orphanage for children with disabilities or a department at a children’s hospital. Invite the chief doctor to organize a children’s holiday. Consult with medics is necessary because you need to know what can be included in the program and what is strongly contraindicated. Some children with severe diagnoses are not recommended to contact outsiders at all, others cannot participate in moving games, others cannot be transported.


Organize a concert, puppet performance or game program. Consider the age of children and the characteristics of their development. It will be better if you recruit a team of volunteers. The holiday can be arranged directly in the hallway of the hospital or in the assembly hall. In the latter case, consider who will help the kids move around.


Some sick children need something to occupy themselves. The master class on arts and crafts will be very btw. You can teach children to sculpt, fold origami, make appliqués. Choose a type of creativity that will not disrupt the sanitary environment of the hospital. Prepare the necessary materials and teach children the basics of your favorite kind of creativity. Of course, you have to own the technique in perfection.


Arrange on June 1 an hour of board games. Buy chess, checkers, table-printed games of different kinds. Give them to small patients. Rest assured, they will take care of your gift. Teach the kids to make games and toys on their own. Even though they will be uncomplicated. But be sure to find out if guys with one or another diagnosis can work with soft materials.


Find out from the chief physician what other help is needed. It may very well be that some of the children are recommended to move, but he can’t do it on his own yet, and parents don’t have the opportunity to quit work and be constantly with the baby. Help him. Consult the teacher of therapeutic physical education. You’ll quickly understand what needs to be done if you really want to help.

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