How to help residents of Crimea

In a destroyed city after a flood you need any help, including cleaning and sorting out the rubble. Volunteers gather in groups and come to Krymsk, help residents to restore order. To find like-minded people, look for ads on social networks or find a volunteer camp at the site (camps are arranged usually on the outskirts of the city).

For those who cannot travel in person, each city has organized collection points for belongings and products. Residents of Krymsk will be grateful to you for any assistance — blankets, mattresses, furniture, children’s belongings, clothes, shoes, products of long shelf life. You can find out where such an item is located in your city from newspapers, local television, social networks. It is

possible to help victims in Krymsk without leaving home. Two official accounts are opened for transfer of money: Krasnodar regional office of the All-Russian public organization “Russian Red Cross”, account 40703810330000000106, opened in Branch №8619 of Sberbank of Russia, St. Krasnodar (BIC 040349602, k/s 30101810100000000602, TIN 2309030678, KPP 230901001). In the purpose of payment, specify: voluntary donation to citizens affected by floods in Krasnodar Krai in 2012.

The second account is opened by the charitable foundation “Semiflower flower flower flower. Together we will help children”, all the money from it will be sent to restore kindergartens and schools in the city. Krymsk. Setting account 40404068104000010204 in Krayinvestbank OJSC. Krasnodar (k/s 301018105000000516, KPP 231001, TIN 2310005965, BIC 040349516, OKONH 96190, OKPO 27001565, OGRN 1022301601970). In the appointment do not forget to indicate: voluntary donation under the charity program “Semicflower flower flower. Together, we will help children” for flood-affected children.

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