How to help a child when riding in transport

You will need
  • – non-carbonated water;
  • – pumping tablets;
  • – caramel or gum;
  • – acupuncture bracelet.

Do not feed the child immediately before travelling in transport. It is best to have a snack 40 minutes before travel. Don’t give the baby fat, fried and spicy food, exclude sweets as well. If it’s lunch, you can serve soup, for a second something steamed. Don’t leave the chado hungry, because it can also trigger a bout of nausea and vomiting.


Plant the child as you move. If possible, lower the seat back slightly, but not to the reclining position. Gently fasten your seat belt — it shouldn’t squeeze the abdomen area too much.


Periodically make stops for 5-10 minutes. Also watch out and make sure that the salon is not too stuffy. Take away the flavoring of the air, because the palate smell can aggravate the condition of the baby.


In the event of nausea and dizziness, ask the child to breathe deeply with his mouth. And a brief stoppage, if possible. Also let the baby drink non-carbonated and unsweet water.


Before the trip, give the baby a pill from pooping. Read the instructions for use carefully, and consult your pediatrician if necessary. Along the way treat the baby not too sweet caramels, mint lollipops or let chew gum. From natural remedies, an infusion of ginger will also suit.


Buy your child an acupuncture bracelet to wear on your wrist. The usual one is sold in pharmacies. Helps to relieve unpleasant sensations and massage. With your index finger pad, massage the point, which is located directly below the earlobe.


If your child is extremely bad at tolerating long trips, if possible do not make them. With age everything normalizes, and you will have time to show the kid the most beautiful places on the planet. Don’t torture the baby!

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