How to harvest fruit trees quickly

Before harvesting your harvest, take care of preparing everything you need. You will need wooden boxes, baskets, fruit pullers, stairs, packaging material: paper, shavings, straw, as well as transport for transportation, tarps and fruit storage. As a last resort, canopies or sheds will be suitable for temporary storage of harvested crops.

Start removing summer fruits immediately after they reach consumer maturity. Determining harvest time is quite simple. Pears, apples acquire the flavor, flavor and color corresponding to the variety.

Autumn and winter fruits are rational to remove after reaching full removable maturity, when pears and apples have ripe seeds, are easily separated from the fruit, become lighter the coloration characteristic of the class. At the same time, do not forget, winter varieties of pears and apples reach full maturity only during the period of long lying, so it is necessary to remove them in the last place. Premature harvesting causes the fruit to remain coarse and acidic. Overexposure leads to partial showering and deterioration of commodity qualities.

Quickly harvest can be harvested by varieties. Do not allow fruit mixing. If you have apple trees and pears with stretched maturation times, perform selective harvesting, removing the resulting fruit weekly.

However you hurry, you need to remove each fruit with your hands. In no case does it need to shake trees and allow fruit to be showered. If there is a padalica, first collect all the fruits under the trees, then on the lower branches and then proceed to the collection at height. Use a staircase or a staircase bench.

Fruits that hang very high, remove with the help of fruitful edibles. Add apples and pears into baskets with a capacity not more than 8-10 kg. Inside, pour it with burlap, shavings or sawdust, on the sides – canvas bags.

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