How to graze a reindeer

You will need
  • – trained dog breed husky;
  • – leather arkan (chaan);
  • – riding horse.

Before you start grazing deer, learn about them as much as possible. For example, it is important that the food predilections of deer have been polished for millennia and it is impossible to change them overnight. In this regard, deer routes are predictable: in summer they escape from the gnus, go to the ocean coast and eat mushrooms, berries, alpine grasses, and in winter they return to northern forests, to pastures of jagel and moss. This migration circle is sometimes more than 500 km, and deer pasture in different seasons has its differences.


For starters learn how to manage one deer, this you will need to be able to return the escaped animal to the herd. Next, observe the behavior of deer in a small group and try to drive it from one place to another.


Watch deer behavior depending on which parts of the herd they are located. By turning or transferring the herd to a nearby pasture, try not to interrupt the feeding process, do not need to knock them into a dense mass. A good assistant in this you will be a dog.


In the hot season, find cooler places, and during spring floodwaters are high hills. To prevent the deer from running, you need to master the art of “swirling” the herd. In addition, it is important to distribute deer across the pasture evenly so that everyone can find enough food for themselves.


In your spare time, find an even place and train in the art of possession leather arcar. You should be able to catch the stroptic deer itself at any moment. Try to remember every deer “in the face”. It is necessary to be able to accurately calculate the number of deer, and without auxiliary devices – right in the field.


In early spring, together with other shepherds, take the herd to triage ( coralization). Here reindeer will get vaccinations, take blood tests, take measurements, brand young, castrate some males, weak animals will cut for meat. To protect newborn deer, it is immediately necessary to separate them and keep them further separate.

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