How to go to the mobile app store Facebook

You’ll need
  • – Facebook registration.

The new store offers software for smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS operating systems. In it, users will be able to find both paid programs and distributed freely. According to preliminary estimates, users will be able to purchase about 600 applications.


To enter the store, you must be registered on the social network Facebook. If you are already registered, simply go to the store page, if not, follow the registration procedure and log in to your account.


Log in to your account, go to the store page. In its left side is a column with sections of the store. Select the section you are interested in — for example, “Music”, “Entertainment”, “News”, “Lifestyle”, “Sports”, etc. Next to their names will be indicated and the number of users who have already installed the program, which makes it possible to judge its popularity.


It should be noted that when you sign in automatically opens a page with applications that have the highest popularity. You will also have options “Recommended”, “Gaining Popularity”, “Friends”. In the first case, the programs recommended by the social network itself are indicated. The second section features programs only gaining popularity. Finally, by opening the “Friends” section, you can see what apps your friends already use.


Select the app you like and click it with your mouse. A new page of the program opens with a screenshot: clicking on it, you will get acquainted with more information about the program. To flip the pages on the right side of the opened window there is an arrow. At the bottom of the page, on the left, it is indicated for which platforms this application is suitable. If you can use the application on your computer, the “Visit “website” button will be on the upper right side of the window.


The store can be accessed both from the computer and from other devices – tablets, smartphones. There is an opportunity to fix your favorite application on your tablet or smartphone, going to the store from your computer, to do this you need to click on the Send to mobile button in the upper right corner of the selected program window. After that, the form appears in which you want to enter the phone number of the device. It will be sent a link to install the selected application.

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