How to go along the cheese tourist route in the Altai region

About the appearance of a “cheese” tourist route was announced by the administration of Altai Krai. The opening of the route will be timed to coincide with the “Cheese Feast” to be held September 7-8, 2012. The organizer of this innovation was the travel company “Argo”, it is in it you can learn about all the features of the tour. It is previously reported that in the tour group there will be 20 people, children must be in the presence of parents.

The trip to the cheese places of the Altai region will start with a tour of Barnaul and a visit to the Café de Lafe restaurant, famous for its cheese cuisine. Participants of the tour will be able to taste real Altai, French and Italian cheeses. Loved cheeses can be purchased. After dinner, all tourists will be transported to Lake Aya and placed at the recreation center. In the

morning of September 8, travelers are waiting to leave in Krasnogorye, a village famous for its cheeses. In the program visit Karaguzhin butter plant, tasting various types of cheeses. Tour participants will also be able to taste local eco-friendly honey with wild herbs tea. The program provides for the performance of local folk groups.

A visit to the maralnik is scheduled after lunch. Tourists will be able to see not only marals, but also spotted deer, camels, sarlyks (yaks). Also they are waiting for rest on Lake Kireevo, where you can go fishing, ride catamarans. After the program ends, the band will return to Barnaul.

The cost of the journey on the “cheese” route will be approximately 3850 p. per person. This price includes accommodation in well-maintained hotel rooms, three meals a day, transport service, excursion program, insurance and guide services. You can find more information on the website of the tour operator that organized this tour.

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