How to get treatment at the First City Hospital

You will need
  • – direction;
  • – passport;
  • – policy;
  • – insurance pension certificate.

The first city clinical hospital named after Pirogov is one of the best institutions in the Russian Federation. Multidisciplinary focus on providing diagnostic and therapeutic care allows to carry out quality treatment. On the basis of the hospital there are 3 centers: rheumatological, phlebological, consulting and diagnostic.


To get to the examination and treatment at the first city hospital named after Pirogov, get a referral to the polyclinic at the place of residence. You will also need an insurance medical policy, a mandatory pension insurance policy, a medical history statement with a doctor’s report, the latest results of a medical examination, a passport with in the city of Moscow or the Moscow region.


Application of the latest technological methods in the field of diagnostics and treatment allows to provide high-tech medical care residents from other regions.$ If your disease is complex and in local medical institutions you can’t provide the right help, the district doctor should put you on the line to receive high-tech medical care.


As soon as your turn is suitable, you will be given a direction, electronic card. To receive assistance, you must arrive on the designated day, with you you need to have an outpatient card with the latest medical examination and doctor’s opinion, referral, passport, medical policy.


Medical institution is ready to provide high-tech assistance not only to citizens who have Moscow, Moscow suburbs or sent from regions, but also to all those in need on a commercial basis.$ To do this, you need to contact the register, pay the necessary amount on the price list and get a ticket to the doctor.


You can get services for comprehensive body examination, perform surgery or treatment of ear, throat, nose, joint examination and connective tissue, if necessary receive outpatient, inpatient or surgical treatment. In the injury point you will be given not only first aid, but also will carry out examination, surgery, help to undergo post-operative rehabilitation and recovery. The ophthalmology department assists in diagnostics, treatment and performs operations of any complexity for eye diseases. Phlebology Center conducts diagnostics, treatment and operations of any complexity on veins and vessels.

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