How to get to the World Fireworks Championships in San Remo

The championship takes place in July and lasts a whole week. Not only Italians take part in it, pyrotechnics from all over the world come here: France, Spain, China, USA, Mexico and other countries. Naturally, such a lush and magnificent sight attracts many tourists to the city who want to admire the colorful fireworks that bloom the night sky at 23:00 local time in for a whole week.

Within the championship there are competitions of pyrotechnicians, but it also happens that its organizers refuse from competition, but invite winners of competitions of last years to come. So in any case to look at the giant fiery flowers revealing in the late evening right in the middle of the bay in Sanremo, you’ll succeed. Some companies arrange demonstration performances representing a real musical-pyrotechnic extravaganza.

Get to the World Fireworks Championships in Sanremo to admire the beautiful spectacle, you will be able to any kind of transport. The city is located at a distance of 160 km west of the Italian port city of Genoa and 59 km east of French Nice. These cities also contain the nearest airports. Choose any way to get to Sanremo, which will be the most convenient for you.

If you are travelling by train, it will be easy to get from Genoa – almost every hour from its central train station there are trains to Sanremo. On a normal electric train you will get to the place in 2.5 hours, by high-speed — in 1 hour and 45 minutes. The journey from Nice will take only 1 hour. The small Sanremo railway station links the city and with the settlements located in its vicinity.

Sanremo can be reached by bus or by car on the A10 motorway connecting Nice and Genoa. The town can also be reached via the route of local importance S1, which is laid along the coast.

Going to Sanremo in July, take care of where you stay. Book tickets at the hotel in advance, at this time there are many visitors in the city – participants of the championship and tourists.

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