How to get to the sales in France

Traditionally, summer sales take place in France from the end of June to the end of July. Price tags with the indication of the price of the discount vary a huge number of shops at once in several cities of the Cote d’Azur. The schedule of sales is published in the press, distributed on the Internet, described on television. If you want to go to a summer sale in France, you can do it in many different ways.

The first is to make a regular tourist visit through a specialized agency that deals with the organization of travel. It will be enough for you to come there, explain to experts what purpose you are going to France. They will offer you a choice of tours in response. Choosing your favorite, you will only pay for the package of services. It includes visa processing, ticket purchase, accommodation payment, airport transfer to hotel and back, food. Memo with addresses where summer sales take place, you will be given directly in the agency. It is worth considering that this service will cost you a decent amount. But it will not be necessary to run, making out documents on its own.

The second option of a trip to the sale is a prepared trip to Europe. Remember that summer is one of the hottest periods, so start doing everything in advance. Find a suitable hotel for you to start. You can do it easily over the internet. Book your room. You will receive an e-mail confirmation booking. It needs to be printed.

Further take care of buying tickets. For selected dates, book and pay for your flight to France. You can do it both in cash and in a transfer from a bank card. Tickets will also come to the post office. They need to be printed, too.

Now you can get a tourist visa. In summer, you need to do this, at least 3 weeks before your intended trip. Otherwise you risk getting in line at the embassy and not having time to get documents before the end of sales. First, sign up for a certain day at the embassy. It is on this date that you will need to bring the documents. Next, start collecting papers. The standard package includes an international passport whose validity period is not less than 3 months after the end of the journey; a copy of the internal passport โ€” you need to copy only those pages where there are any marks; two photos in color size 3.5 x 4.5; confirmation of hotel reservation in France; confirmation of flight; insurance; certificate from place of work on letterhead, certified supervisor. The certificate should contain information relating to your position, salary, period of work. The certificate can be replaced by the statement from the personal personal account about the balance of funds on it โ€” the amount must be 60 euros per day. It is also necessary to fill out a questionnaire. It is usually decorated in English.

You will receive documents and set a day when you need to come to get a passport with a visa. It will be left to wait, pick it up and you can go. Remember that going to France for sales, bringing with you a full suitcase of things is not worth it. You can not take it with you at all โ€” buy everything there. After all, in planes there are restrictions on luggage and it is not worth reducing their capabilities.

Also, remember that in European countries there is a tax refund for tourists. So, going home from France, go to a special window and table where you present checks, and you’ll count how many you can return. Naturally, when shopping, checks must be collected.

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