How to get to the Kotka Maritime Festival

Kotka is located at the mouth of the Kumijoki River on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, about 280 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The Maritime Festival is held in the city every year, it starts on the last Thursday of July and lasts for four days.

The main actions of the holiday take place in the sea port. Motor and sailing races are held, various competitions for festival guests. On the holiday, many ships from different countries come to the port, among them are both famous sailboats and modern warships.

The Kotka Maritime Festival is a real family holiday. Many children’s events are provided, small spectators can not only participate in various competitions and receive gifts, but also visit the “Maretarium” – a marine aquarium, which features fish of the Baltic Sea. Within the framework of the holiday there are various musical events: International Festival of Sea Song, Jazz Festival, Sea Song Contest.

The festival is an open event and no tickets or pre-registration are required to attend it. Visitors arrive in the city both by sea and by land. Finland has a very well developed bus network, there are also international routes. Kotka can be easily reached both by bus and by own car. Owners of private yachts, even very small ones, arrive in the city by sea. They offer perfectly equipped marinas, there are all possibilities for rest and repair.

To visit Finland, you must have a valid passport and a Finnish visa, it can be obtained from the Consulate General of Finland. You will also need to take out insurance. It is necessary to worry about the accommodation in advance, to book a room in the hotel in advance, it can be done via the internet. It is enough to type in the search line the phrase “Finland Kotka Hotel” and you will find all the necessary information.

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