How to get to the Festival of Lights in Cuba

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the beginning of July to Cuba, namely Santiago de Cuba, you will be able to see this country in all its splendor. Concerts of local folk groups, fire shows on the verge of reasonable, night noisy discos, festive parades, dances and much more will be presented to your attention. For the young guests of the holiday the organizers arrange special rides and games, which take place under their zest control.


The Feast of Lights in Cuba attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world, so getting to this spectacular event is not so easy. It is much easier to use the services of travel companies that offer week-long tours to Santiago de Cuba. Huge minus this method is that Russian airlines do not operate direct flights to this city, so you will have to fly with a transfer. The cost of the flight, depending on the airlines you use, can range from 130 to 200 thousand rubles (economy tickets) each way.


The only more or less acceptable flight option involves only one transfer — in Havana. Every day a flight from Moscow to the capital of Cuba leaves Aeroflot, the minimum cost of a ticket (economy class) for which is about 30 thousand rubles. The duration of the flight will be about 12 hours. From Havana airport twice a day there is a flight to Santiago de Cuba, a ticket (economy class) for it costs about 6 thousand rubles.


In the city of Santiago de Cuba, you can use the services of residents who are engaged in “Casa Particular” (legally renting their accommodation to foreigners) $ . On average, the cost of renting a house per night is about twenty dollars, for an additional fee you can arrange for yourself and three meals a day. If you don’t like renting an apartment from an unknown person, you can go to the hotel. One of the most popular and most expensive – MELIA SANTIAGO DE CUBA. The cost is here from $300 per night.


Before your trip, be sure to specify exactly what numbers of July Santiago de Cuba will again host the Feast of Lights. Plan your journey so as not to miss a single day of this amazing holiday, which is unparalleled in the world.

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