How to get to the “Days of the Middle Ages” festival in San Marino

The Republic of San Marino with the capital of the same name is located in central Italy. It is the oldest republic in the world, it still lives under the 1600 constitution. The name of the country was given by the name of its Christian saint. The area of the republic is just over 60 square kilometers. More than 3 million tourists visit San Marino each year.

The capital of the republic is a real museum city, it is very easy to transfer to the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. It is no coincidence that the festival “Days of the Middle Ages” is given in this city. Numerous castles and fortresses, narrow streets as if created for this holiday. The city is turning into a big theater, the streets filled with people in vintage costumes. There are theatrical performances everywhere, circus artists perform. Various competitions are arranged — for example, in crossbows shooting.

To travel to San Marino you will need a Schengen visa, it can be obtained from the visa center of the Italian Embassy, all the necessary information can be found on its website. Do not forget to book a hotel room in the city, it can be done via the internet. You can reach San Marino by plane, train and bus. Federico Fellini Airport accepts charter flights from Russian cities, the flight time from Moscow is 3 hours. Another hour will be needed to get by car or bus from the airport located in Italy to San Marino. Also you can get to the republic from Rome, Venice, Milan.

If you decide to travel to San Marino by train, you will have to get off at Rimini Station, from it to the purpose of traveling 27 km. Further you can get to the place by bus. There is no direct rail route from Russia to Rimini. It is possible to reach a transfer, but this option will cost even more than an air ticket. Travel time will be about two days. You can get by bus, but the road too will take about two days, and the cost is comparable to the cost of an air ticket. That’s why you want to travel to San Marino.

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