How to get to Picnic Athish

Picnic Playbill – an event with seniority. It has been held for about 7 years. Each time is an outdoor concert with a diverse program. It’s both sports entertainment, dance venues, and an open-air reading room, and a video game salon, as well as much more. Of course, the nail of the program is musicians who perform on a specially assembled stage for this occasion. The number of bands and single performers who take part in the festival is more than 50.

Since 2007, the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve has been chosen as the site for such a large-scale event. There and the areas are large, and the place from an ecological point of view is safe, and there is a park almost in the center of Moscow. In different points of the park will take place “clubs for interests” and the scene. A ticket for a musical picnic can be purchased directly on the day of the festival. Only one rule should be remembered – all incoming will be carefully checked at the entrance. Therefore, you can’t take any liquor or in glass bottles. It is necessary to take into account the fact that those wishing to visit Kolomenskoye on the day of the festival will be very much. And that means that you need to prepare for having to queue at the entrance. And if you’re going to the very beginning of the event, consider what time you need to get out, not to be late.

The holiday lasts the whole day. As a rule, it starts at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, ends at 21.00. You can join the action at any time.

It is easiest to get to Muscovites at the Picnic Playbill. First, they don’t have to go to another city. Just a few metro stations or a couple of stops on public transport and residents of the capital will easily get to this festival. It is enough for them to buy a ticket at the box office of the venue where the event will be And the entrance is open. In addition, you can buy a ticket via the Internet with delivery. All this is made out on the official website of the festival. Simply go to the portal and in the “tickets” section choose the type of payment and receipt of transit documents. For example, residents and visitors of the capital can purchase an electronic ticket. It’s paid with a plastic card. The document itself will come to you on e-mail.

The second option is to purchase a ticket on the partner site with delivery. The payment principle is the same – specify the card number and the desired day of delivery.

Those who live in other cities, but also want to attend this event, can issue a ticket on the website according to the same scheme used by residents of Moscow. It is enough to buy it and print it, and then come on the day of the festival in “Kolomenskoye”, present your printout at the entrance and you can go to enjoy the music and fresh air.

Thus, a number of organizations make whole tours for non-residents wishing to attend a music festival. The ticket includes payment for travel, accommodation and, of course, the ticket itself. Naturally, such a tour would cost somewhat more than if you made it yourself. But its main advantage is that you won’t have to worry about anything. Everything will be done for you.

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