How to get to Cyril and Methodius Day in the Czech Republic

You will need
  • – passport, until the expiration of which remains at least 3 months, and a copy of the first page with a photo;
  • – completed form;
  • – medical insurance, which can be bought at the Czech visa center;
  • – copies of pages with photo and registration of the Russian passport;
  • – confirmation of booking on official form of the hotel, certified by the stamp and signature of the employee;
  • one of the following documents:
  • – certificate of salary from the place of work on the form of the institution;
  • – extract from bank with bank account balance;
  • – photocopy of the international bank card with the application of the account statement;
  • – Traveler’s cheques indicating the owner and receipt on their Acquisition;
  • – certificate on form №2 of NDFL.

In the Czech Republic, the Memorial Day of Cyril and Methodius is celebrated on July 5. It became both an ecclesiastical and a public holiday. Services dedicated to the Holy Equal-Apostle Brethren are held in all Catholic and Orthodox churches in Bohemia. Major celebrations take place in the southern Moravian town of Velegrad, which was the center of the missionary ministry of Cyril and Methodius. A solemn liturgy is served in the cathedral with the participation of the Metropolitan and the Archbishop of Prague.


If you want to become a participant in this holiday, you will need a Schengen visa as the Czech Republic has signed the Schengen Treaty. Visa can be applied to the Czech Visa Centre or directly to the Czech Embassy and Consulate. The services of the center will cost you 1000 r., in return for which it will undertake the preparation of some necessary documents.


If you decide to issue a visa yourself, you can submit documents to the consulate located closer to your city:

– 123056, d. Moscow, str. Y. Fuchika 12/14, tel. (495) 676-0702;
– 191015, g. St. Petersburg, St. Tverskaya, 5, tel. (812) 271-6101;
– 620075, g. Ekaterinburg, str. Gogol, 15, tel. (343) 376-1501;
– 603005, g. Nizhny Novgorod, st. Minina, 18, tel. (831) 419-8593;
– 628012, g. Khanty-Mansiysk, str. Mira, d. 38, tel. (34671) 90-600.


Download the questionnaire from the embassy website and fill it out. Visa processing takes 3 to 10 days. You will have to pay a consular fee — 35 euros. If the visa is issued as a matter of urgency, the fee is doubled.


Book in advance at the Velegrad hotel — you will need a reservation to apply for a visa. Make a route to your destination. On the website of the ticket plan enter the field “To” “Prague”, in the field “Where” – the starting point of the journey. Check all transport modes to expand the selection, and click Find.


From Prague to Velegrad can be reached by train, which leaves the main railway station of the capital three times a day. The fare is from CZK 327 to 422, the duration of the trip is 4 hours 26 minutes.

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