How to get on the opera “Boris Godunov”


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the number of productions of “Boris Godunov” dropped dramatically, and for a while opera did not was shown in Russia in general. In 2012, a completely new version of the play was offered as part of the Stars of the White Nights festival held in St. Petersburg. In this production the plot underwent significant changes, for example, the main character became a political figure of modern times, Pimen instead of the chronicle scrolls uses a laptop, openly displayed Russian flags, etc. If you are interested in this version of “Boris Godunov”, please contact the organizers of the festival “Stars of White Nights” and specify when and where the screening of this production will take place. Also, be interested in the cost of countermarks and their availability.


If you are a supporter of the classical version of “Boris Godunov”, you have a direct road to the nearest Opera and Ballet Theatre. At the box office you can get all the information you are interested in about the upcoming performance (cast members, cost and availability of tickets, etc.) Ask what version of the opera the theater intends to present, as there are several options for the production. The most approximate to Mussorgsky’s original is considered a four-action variant and a prologue. It is him since 1997 annually presents to the attention of the audience the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.


If you are from the province and come to St. Petersburg is not possible, contact the box office of the Opera Theatre in your city. It is possible that “Boris Godunov” is listed in the repertoire of the upcoming season, then you only have to wait for the fall. However, you can buy tickets for the performance immediately and usually at an acceptable price. If you want to get more into the atmosphere of the performance, you can get acquainted with the tragedy of A.S. Pushkin, on which the opera is based.

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