How to get on Fiord

Fjord Feast lasts three days from 12 to 14 July. Scientists, environmentalists, public figures gather at this time at the conference, the subject of which, of course, are magnificent fjords. Documentary films, exhibitions and interesting meetings are organized in entertainment centers and cinemas.

There are fjords not only in Scandinavia, but also in New Zealand, Chile, Alaska, the Kola Peninsula. The holiday also exists in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Therefore, to get to the Fjord Day, you need to go to these countries.

Travel firms are perfectly aware of all the holidays of the world and specifically develop routes to include as much as possible. A few years ago, a tourist destination such as “Fjords of Norway” even won a world competition.

Such crystal clear beauty you will not see anywhere else. High sharp cliffs, piercing blue of water and greenery of coastal plants force hundreds of frames to snap away. The fjords of Norway are deep bays from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean that have carved the land. No sultry southern resort will offer such grandeur of nature and such ringing silence.

Choose Norway + Denmark route to see all the greatest fjords. Hiking trails or bike paths will take you into troll habitats, and travel will turn into a fairytale. The most picturesque period of nature of the fjords is from late April to September. If you want to get to Scandinavia exactly during the holiday period, that is, 12-14 July, book a ticket in advance.

Be sure to pass “Dear Trolls,” which leads to Stigfossen Falls. Eleven times you will circle the mountain slope on a serpentine path and drive over an amazing bridge right through the flow of water.

Bergen is the gateway to the realm of the fjords. These days from here hundreds of tourists begin their journeys to waterfalls, ice arrays and Norway’s quaint bays.

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