How to get a discount when paying fines

Such amendments to the Code of Administrative Procedure were made by Vyacheslav Lysakov, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on State Building. Members of the State Duma voted for this project almost unanimously.

Today the violator of traffic rules is given 10 days to receive a copy of the document on administrative offense and for consideration of the case in court. After 10 days, the ruling is considered to have come into force. Thirty calendar days are provided for payment of the fine.

Under the new amendments, if the violator contributes 50% of the issued fine, will not go to court for a case of offense, the entire amount will be considered repaid.

This amendment to the bill is designed for conscientious drivers who are willing to admit guilt without additional litigation and pay a fine for the violation in a short time.

Today, the maximum fine for traffic violations is five thousand rubles. At 50% discount, there is a substantial savings.

This bill is aimed at replenishing the state budget, not the pocket of unscrupulous inspectors. It is not a secret that at violation of traffic rules many drivers try to solve a problem “in Russian” and pay the inspector 50% of a penalty in cash that the protocol didn’t make.

If the violator knows that he will be able to contribute half the amount of the fine to the budget, it is simply not necessary to negotiate with the inspector.

In an explanatory note, Lysakov reminded that the adopted amendments will help to achieve awareness of the inevitability of punishment. For example, in 2011 drivers were issued more than 50 million fines. Most receipts for the amount of up to 1 thousand rubles remained unpaid. The Federal Bailiff Service is forced to handle more than 10 million cases on forced collection of traffic fines, the total amount of which reaches 4 billion rubles.

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