How to find the right temple in Moscow


You can find the desired temple using the electronic directory “DublGIS”. In the search bar, type the full name of the building you are looking for, and the system will give you the coordinates of its location. In addition, with the help of the program you will be able to work your way to the temple from anywhere in Moscow and get possible travel options. This program is freely available and you can download it on the 2GIS website.



can find out where the temple you are looking for is located with the help of a telephone reference. To do this, while in Moscow, dial from any local phone number 09. Usually, this kind of information is not closed to access, so you should provide it free of charge. If for any reason you are unable to obtain information, you can use the services of a paid reference number 059.


Specially for guests of the capital Moscow publishing houses produce city guides, which reflect information about all existing landmarks on the territory of the city. It is possible that the temple you are looking for is among them, so it won’t hurt to get a guide like this. You can purchase a pocket atlas of the capital for a reasonable price at any railway station, bus station or airport.


Quite a large number of background information about Moscow temples can be found on the Internet. Type in any search engine the phrase “addresses of Moscow temples” and select from the proposed number of links the most informative. If that didn’t help, try to find portals dedicated to the tourism industry, that’s where the data you’re interested. In particular, the GID portal offers its visitors a complete list of all the sights of major cities of Russia, including the capital. Select the Moscow region on the website and check out the presented churches.

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