How to find mushroom and berry places in the forest


You can command experienced fungi to show you their favorite places, however hardly anyone will decide to give you coordinates cherished glades, where you can fill all available baskets and buckets in half an hour. At best you will be told which station to go and which way to go, not to stay at all without the gifts of nature. This is also the case in the forums devoted to “quiet hunting”.


If you have no preference for mushrooms being collected, look into a mixed forest consisting of oak, birch, aspen, pine, spruce. Such places have always been considered mushroom. Here it is possible to meet white mushroom, birch and sunflower, chanterelles, cheesecakes, grouse and other mushrooms. You should not climb into the thicket in the hope that there are growing gifts of the forest that no one has yet reached. There’s likely to be nothing there — mushrooms prefer more open places.


If you went hunting for a particular mushroom, you should know which places it prefers. Chanterelles love illuminated mixed and deciduous forests. The white fungus is most commonly caught in oak trees. Grounds can be found in pine-birch and spruce birch forests. Having gathered behind the birches or podsynivki, look for them among the young birch or aspen tree, respectively. But oil is preferred to grow in young spruce plants.


Closer to autumn pops. These fungi prefer to inhabit raw deciduous forests. They can be found on stumps, in gullies, and sometimes in trees. And stirrups and redheads should be harvested in mixed and spruce forests.


Berry shrubs also have their preferences. Blueberries like moist or slightly swampy mixed and coniferous forests. At the same time, blueberries growing on a well-lit area are larger, and there are more berries on them. Strawberries prefer sunny glades in the middle of mixed or deciduous forest. Raspberries also prefer clearings or cuttings. But cranberries at the end of summer should be harvested, of course, in raw and waterlogged places.

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