How to find houses made of glued timber


Read local newspapers private ads with offers of construction services. Some companies offer houses made of glued timber, which they produce independently, in their own factories using equipment and materials that meet international quality standards . The use of modern technologies allows to obtain eco-friendly and durable source material, the house of which will last 50 years or more. This material has the lowest shrinkage for the tree, which is less than 1%, which allows you to maintain the geometry of the construction during the entire lifetime.


The largest number of offers you will be able to find on the Internet. It is enough to cram in the search line of your browser the phrase “houses made of glued timber”, as thousands of suggestions will be submitted to your request. From them you will be able to choose projects that use not only conventional glued timber, but also its varieties – D-shaped and insulated glued timber. The first of them is an excellent building material for the construction of a house in the original Russian style — one side of it is convex, and the walls of it will look like log. Insulated glued timber has process holes filled with cellulose, which increases its heat-saving qualities.


Review all the proposals, giving preference to those construction companies that have their own production. On their websites they place and typical finished projects of houses, baths and outbuildings, which are built from glued timber. Offers are varied in cost and complexity – up to 150-180 projects, choose from what.


You can order and individual project by contacting the company you choose as a contractor to build your home. The speed of building a house will depend on the size and complexity of the project you choose, as well as the cost of the building itself. In addition, in this case you will always be able to adjust the project to your needs and material capabilities.

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