How to find a dead relative

You will need
  • – computer;
  • – Internet access;
  • – all information about the deceased relative.

Prepare detailed information on which you will search for a deceased relative. You will need to specify his last name, first name, middle name, number, month and year of birth. And also all the information you knew: the date of the draft, the place of collecting, the kind of troops, the number of the military unit, the place from where you received the latest news.


Start your search by contacting the military commissary at your relative’s place of residence. There is all information about the troops in which the soldier has been called, and about all movements of his part. The duty station will make an official request. You will be notified in writing.


If you are looking for a relative who died during the Great Patriotic War, please contact the official website of the Society “Memorial” on address In the Search menu, enter name, date, place of birth. You will receive a list of answers, among them may be the cause of death and the burial place.


To search for a relative who died in Afghanistan, contact the website The search order is exactly the same.


The Russian State Military Archive may issue information on the dead on personal appeal or on appeal through the official website -$, but get ready to wait for the answer long enough.


Find warriors who have died in local conflicts, you can if you contact the Soldiers’ Mothers Club. You will be assisted in making formal inquiries at the duty station, where you are required to give a reply containing comprehensive information about the place of death and the place of burial.


Search squads operate in almost every city. You can apply to one of these. This is most suitable for those whose relative died during the Great Patriotic War and is presumed missing.

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