How to fight weed

Actually there aren’t many weed control methods. This is if we keep in mind the eco-friendly technologies invented by the great-grandparents of modern gardeners.

There are weeds whose root suffers when the above-ground part is cut. These include, for example, the whine, the crusader, and the birdman. The most effective way to deal with such plants is by pooping out. They will die the faster the more often they will mow grass.

The second way is even easier is to yank your hands, if the weeds have come up on a path with cultural plants. At the same time it is necessary to systemativeness, and it is necessary to stick on wet ground, so it is easier to yank the roots of weed plants. Weekly weeding is a way of destroying most species of weed grasses.

The most survivable and malevolent weeds have powerful perennial roots, which can only be tackled by a complete overkill. Naturally, with manual rhizomes sampling. It is impossible to dig a shovel. She cuts the roots and makes two out of one weed. You need to dig through the mud with pitchforks, carefully choosing roots. The skewed land cannot in any case be left open. Either it needs to plant plants immediately, or shelter pressed to the ground with film or ruberoid. It is

also necessary to remember that planting plants with seedlings reduces the amount of weeds compared to planting seeds. Also, there will be less weeds on the mud if annually change planting places of vegetable crops. Plant plants need to be as dense as possible to each other, leaving room exclusively for growth and development.

Effective in weed control mulching. Either way you need to try to get rid of the weeds in June before they gave the seeds and dumped them in the ground.

But first you need to generally assess the quality of weed. Weeds are useful in food or as medicinal plants, can serve as fertilizers, improve the properties of garden compost.

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