How to fight corruption in high schools;

During the entrance exam stage, corruption has significantly decreased in recent years due to the introduction of the Unified State Examination (EGE) . Here almost nothing depends on teachers, so the amount of bribes upon admission decreased, according to statistics, by 8-10 times.

It became all the more important for students to pass their first session โ€” that’s where the real test of knowledge and honesty of teachers begins. It is no secret that almost any written work can be bought today, and often from the teacher himself. It is also possible to pass an exam or offset โ€” the amount of the bribe depends on the importance and complexity of the subject, as well as on the desired grade.

The reason for corruption is not only unclean teachers, but also unencumbered by intelligence students who do not want to study honestly. If you do not want to pay and do not agree with the situation where everyone decides money – start fighting this system.

First of all, take an active stance: attend all lectures, actively answer and ask questions to the teacher. Try to get as much knowledge as possible on the subject, read the recommended literature. If you learn well, even the most brazen teachers will not dare demand money from you.

If on the exam you are still asked cavertic questions – do not solve the question with a bribe. Again and again come to retake only with the baggage of knowledge. Sooner or later the teacher will get bored of wasting his time on you, and he will give you a well-deserved assessment. You will have to earn a reputation only 1-2 years, after 3-4 courses in terms of bribes you will not be touched (even if you are not an excellent person).

If the situation is exacerbated, in case the teacher extorts money directly, act decisively. Call the anti-corruption service and report the offence, do not call yourself. In such a situation, it is not necessary to address the rector or the dean โ€” they are likely to cover the criminal. Even if to achieve the truth to succeed โ€” about further training it will be necessary to forget, fighters for justice and truth in universities do not like.

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