How to eat properly summer


Consume more protein products, such as beans and sea fish. During the summer, the body requires more energy, and therefore the consumption of all nutrients is significantly increased. At the same time, the sultry weather contributes to the rapid elimination of nutrients along with sweat, and they need to be replenished.


Take care of your heart condition on hot days. It is nourished by foods that have a bitter taste, such as turnips, apricot. In addition, wheat, beans, melon, watermelon and persimmon are beneficial for heart health.


Refill the salt supply in the body. In summer sweating is significantly increased, and with then it is excreted excess amount. Therefore, the products of salty and sour taste should be consumed. The first include sea cabbage, walnut seeds, soybeans. And sour flavour products include legumes, pears, apples, pomegranate.


Maintain your carbohydrate level. For this purpose, it is recommended to include in the diet so-called sweet flavour products: green peas corn, pumpkin, celery, vegetable spinach, strawberries, watermelon and pears.


Strengthen the body. In summer, according to the ancient Eastern Belief, the strength of breath “blossoms”, and to maintain it in this state it is necessary to eat products with “warm energy”, for example porridge from brewed cereals of any species. Warm green tea in hot weather is not only an excellent means of quickly filling the lack of fluid in the body, but also a faithful assistant in lowering body temperature.


Fight with fluid loss. The daily diet should necessarily include fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin, leek onions, eggplant, cucumbers, asparagus bean sprouts, melon and watermelon. But do not forget that it is not necessary to replace the main dishes with them.

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