How to dry apricots house

Take for drying well-ripened healthy apricots with dense flesh and a well-separable bone. Wash thoroughly and dry the fruit to leave the excess moisture. Divide them in half and remove the pitted.

At home, apricots can be dried in the oven or in dry weather in the air, as well as combining both methods, but in any case you will need sheets for layouts as you can Use trays, trays or nets on wooden frames.

For drying in the oven, zip the trays with baking paper, lay the apricots with slices up, put in the oven and dry at 50-60°C for 1 hour, periodically stirring. Then open the oven and let the fruit cool, after which repeat the procedure until the apricots stop releasing the juice when squeezed (5-6 times).

You can do another way: place prepared halves of apricots in a colander or sieve and hold for 5-10 minutes over boiling water to keep them naturally coloring. Dry the fruit from excess moisture on a clean cotton fabric, then spread on a baking tray, zipped with paper, and put in an oven preheated to 65oS for 8-10 hours. Cool the apricots, pour in a wooden drawer with a tightly closing lid, leave for 3 weeks, and then store in a dry, well-ventilated place. This method will help to preserve all the useful properties of apricots.

To dry in the air, spread the prepared fruit into sheets, endure for 3-4 hours in the shade, then take out in the sun, and remove under the roof or canopy overnight. Next, apricots can be dried in the shade: in a private house – in an attic, veranda or gazebo, in a city apartment – on a balcony or loggia. Excessive exposure to the sun can give the aprica an an unlovely baked appearance.

The combined method of drying apricots is as follows: first the fruit is aged 3-4 hours in the sun, then for 1 hour in the oven heated to 50-60°C, after which it is sent to dry in shadow.

Keep in mind that apricots cooked at home will be outwardly different from the shop, as the latter for preserving the commercial appearance in production is smoked with sulfurous anhydride.

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