How to download Google Chrome for iPad and iPhone

In the mobile version for the iOS operating system, the browser has kept its main features – still it is most, compared to others similar applications, is focused on search queries. In the mobile version they can be entered directly into the address bar, but you can do without manual input – the application provides the ability to do it with voice. The text design of Google Chrome controls is best suited for mobile devices without requiring excessive graphics resources. Another plus – unlike being installed in the iPad along with the operating system of the Internet browser Safari, Google’s app has no limit on the number of tabs that can open user.

It is easiest to use iOS – App Store to download the installation file to your mobile device. Usually the icon to call it is placed on the “desktop” of the operating system, but you can use the text menu to run the program as well – the choice of method depends on how you are used to working with device and its capabilities. By running the app and logging in to it, use the online store search engine or search for the Google Chrome jump link “manually” by moving through the program catalog. The download process itself has no difficulties or features and, as with other apps in the App Store, is done in a single click. This app is distributed through Apple’s online store for free, but you need to keep in mind that you will have to pay for the traffic spent on downloading the file. Although weighs the installation file quite a bit – less than 13 megabytes.

App Store is not the only app through which Google Chrome can be downloaded. For this purpose, you can use, for example, a similar program in use and purpose to iTunes.

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