How to download a trial antivirus


Select the antivirus, the trial version of which will best suit you. The antivirus program itself, without taking into account the features of the trial version, can be selected on the Internet by comparative tests of the effectiveness of applications of different manufacturers. Parameters that do not directly relate to the ability to detect malware, but are also important when using such programs, should also be considered when selecting. In any forum that has a computer software section, you will definitely find topics with feedback from antivirus users about their applications.


By selecting the program for operational parameters and usability, note that the antivirus trial may have limitations that distinguish its real parameters from the full version. Some of the manufacturers in the trial versions limit the functionality of the application, others make it impossible to use the program at the end of a given period, and others limit only the update period for antivirus databases. As a rule, information about the difference between the trial version and the full version is posted on the manufacturer’s website.


After deciding on the choice, go to the download section on the website of the manufacturer of antivirus. On Russian-language sites you don’t have to look for it for a long time – for example, on the website of the popular antivirus Kaspersky link to this section is marked in the menu with the expressive word “Download”. On English-language resources, search the menu for links that have the word Download. On the download page, find a direct link to the trial version you need and click on it. Most often, the boot process does not start immediately, but has several intermediate steps in which you will be asked to make some choice (for example, choosing the type of operating system). In rare cases, a trial version of an antivirus program itself or a link to its download is sent by mail. With this method of distribution, instead of a link on the manufacturer’s website, you will find a form that should be filled out and sent to the server, then you will contact you at the email address specified in the form or manager of the company, or a message with further instructions will be sent by the robot.

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