How to disable ping on server


Run the main menu of Windows, open “Control Panel”. Click on the Windows Firewall icon and expand the Advanced tab in the firewall dialog box. Click ICMP Settings and clear the check box opposite the Allow incoming echo request line.


Press “Run” and in the “Open” field, enter mmc, click the enter key. Go to “File” – “Add/Remove Snap-in” and check the IP Security and Policy Management and Local computer fields, then exit by clicking Close.


Call the IP Security Policies settings window by right-clicking in the left column of the console. Use Manage IP filter Lists and All ICMP select Traffic in the window that opens.


Go to the Manage Filter Actions tab, click Next, and select Block opposite the Filter Action Name line. Click Next and perform the same operation in the dialog box that opens next. Click Close, completing the dialog.


Use the Create IP Security Policy command in a special context menu. Call it by right-clicking on the left column. Skip the first New Policy Wizards settings window, and in the second, enter Block Ping in the Name line. Click Next and uncheck the Activate the default response rule. Go to the terminating window and uncheck the box next to Edit Properties. Apply the selected changes by clicking Finish.


Select the Add option in the IPsec window. Click Next and apply the check box opposite All network connections. Go to the next window using the Next key and use the All ICMP Traffic feature. Next, enable Block and confirm the selection. Right-click the shortcut menu of the created policy in the MMC console, and then click Assign. The system will now disable the ping definition.

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