How to defuse a terrorist

Identifying terrorists is very difficult, because they try to be invisible in the crowd until a certain time. But still they have hallmarks by which they can be distinguished from peaceful people. One of the most striking features of these criminals is weapons or wires that are hidden in the folds of clothing.

Disarm a terrorist is easiest before he started threatening people’s lives. Hence, if you guessed there was a terrorist next to you, one should try to prevent the crime. But in no case can one try to dissuade a criminal, try to threaten him or strike him. Once in an unexpected situation, the terrorist is likely to try to start implementing his plan as quickly as possible. Particularly dangerous will be the situation if you are facing a suicide bomber with a belt of shahid. If he realizes that you are threatening him or the execution of his plan, he will, without thinking, set off explosives.

If you think you’ll have time to incapacitate an opponent before they press the right button, then you’re wrong. Very often terrorists have accomplices who, by the way, can have remote control from explosives. And if an accomplice realizes that the suicide bomber is defused, he will surely try to complete his mission.

So, if you’re sure the person next to you is a terrorist, try to consider it. Remember all the basic signs. Then step back a long distance and contact law enforcement officials as quickly as possible. Describe in minute detail a terrorist. If there are police officers nearby, you can contact them directly.

When law enforcement is alerted, try not to make it clear to the terrorist that you have unraveled his plans. Let people who are near you know they are in danger. The fewer people there are around a criminal, the less likely they are to decide to carry out their plans. Try alerting as many people as possible until law enforcement officers arrive on site. Only in this way can you really defuse a terrorist. If you start to show heroism, innocent people may suffer. So be careful and careful, don’t make mistakes that can cost the lives of several hundred people.

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