How to deal with infection in summer

You will need
  • – sanitary and hygienic products;
  • – preventive agents.

To protect yourself from infections, do not forget first of all the simplest hygiene rules. Wash hands, fruits and vegetables more often only in washed form, do not quench your thirst with raw water. Many products in hot weather deteriorate faster, so throw out or not buy meals and products, which have even the slightest suspicion of poor quality.


Pay special attention to the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards in travel. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to tropical countries or went to the nearest river for a picnic. Stock up on dry and wet wipes, towels, paper. This will allow you to keep your hands properly clean, wipe freshly bought fruit before eating.


Be preoccupied with insect control. It’s not just a matter of comfort. Flies are the main drivers of infections. The pathogens caught in the food will not prove themselves. The dish will change no appearance, no taste, no smell, no color. But after a relatively small time, disease-causing microorganisms will multiply at great speed and will be able to seriously undermine health.


Hazard spurts and bathers. Many bodies of water, especially those with standing water and long uncleaned, contain a dangerous number of pathogens to health. Don’t bathe in unfamiliar and suspicious rivers and lakes. Keep an eye on reports from the sanitary services alerting the most dangerous places to swim every year.


Keep a close eye on wellbeing. Decline in strength, high temperature, headache and abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea are symptoms of many infections. Even if you decide to cure it all yourself, still see a doctor. After all, these may be symptoms of more dangerous diseases, such as appendicitis.


If children have been infected with infection, contact medical institutions immediately. The child’s immune system is weaker. Therefore, treatment must be highly skilled and be supervised by specialists. Be sure to isolate the sick child from other children and transfer to a diet prescribed by the doctor.


Start prevention. Take medications that lubricate digestion and support intestinal microflora. They will strengthen the protective functions of the gastrointestinal tract, prepare travelers to change food and water, increase your chances of not contracting any intestinal infection.

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