How to dance in Allodach


Skills in “Allods” are special features of a character, with which he can fight an opponent, enhance his or her skill in one direction or another. They are divided into active (attacks, buffs, debuffs, dances) and those that affect active skills (increased health, recovery of mana, etc.).


Note the toolbar of the main window of the game. There is a skill book that contains all the learned skills and abilities. See the description and rank of each of them for your chosen character. Here you can transfer the “dance” skill to the panel for quick use.


Note that to use any skill, including dancing, the character needs physical and magical energy. If energy or mana runs out, the hero loses the ability to use his skills altogether, and in dancing in particular. To quickly restore mana and increase its level, improve characteristics, passive abilities, use magic potions and spells. The warrior has energy restored in battle.


Keep in mind that cooking and using skills necessarily takes some time, so prepare a number of spells in advance, they will help and faster mastery of dancing. If the skills are not developed as you would like, reset them and redistribute them with the Class Mentor. It can be addressed for all the questions you care about. In order for the Mentor to accept you, it is necessary to have a bubble of “living water”, which can be purchased in the “Antiquities Shop”.


Playable characters of different types dance their own, peculiar to them, dances. This skill is laid by the game developers, you can’t change the style of dance. But you can choose the place of the dance, control the main movements of the character using the keys A, D, W, S or by clicking the left mouse button in the direction of the desired movement. The dance command itself – /dance – is given in the chat window located in the lower left corner of the interface screen.


In 2011, the game’s creators held a competition for the best dance. Participants of the game recorded their character’s dance on video and posted the recording to the network. You can also create an original dance, for this you will need the program Fraps, which allows you to record game videos. Do not forget to disable the game interface before recording by pressing Alt+Z.


When recording, turn it into a full-fledged dance video. To do this, you’ll need a video editing program such as Adobe Premiere. Both mentioned programs can be found online. Pick up the right music and put it on the video. If desired, you can add sounds from the microphone – words, sighs, screams, etc., capable of giving a special flavor to your character’s dance. You can also add the necessary titles to the beginning of the film. Save the finished video file. The dance is filmed, you have to put it on the internet for universal viewing.

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