How to create your profile on as Simple and why it is needed

You’ll need
  • – a personal account on one of the social networks.

To leave a comment or add advice to an article on the “How Simple” site, find the bottom of the page below article of links with relevant titles.


Follow the link you need, a window will appear in front of you with an offer to enter the system (login) through one of the social networks you are registered in. Choose from the offered networks the one in which you have a personal account (Mail.Ru, “Vkontakte”, Facebook, Twitter). If you don’t have your own account on any of the social networks listed, sign up to any of them.


Logging into the “How Simple” page through a personal page to some or from social networks, pay attention to the upper right corner of the resource window, there should appear your name and avatar, under which you are registered in your specified social network. Under the avatar there will be sections: “My tips”, “My comments” and “Favorites”. By clicking on any of these links, you will be able to read your tips and comments that you have left on this resource.


If you want to log out of your “How Simple” account, click on the top right corner of the main resource window is the “Exit” link. To sign in, click on the “Sign in” link next to click on the social network icon you use to authorize on the “How Simple” project.


Authorization on the project “How Simple” gives the opportunity to discuss various topical topics and share with other users useful recipes for all occasions. The resource combines the expertise of professionals and the practical experience of ordinary people. The resource base contains more than 10,000 unique articles, including answers to almost all questions. A user-friendly resource search interface allows you to find exactly what you need in a few seconds.


Relevant-Media Company, which is the author of this project, constantly invites new authors to cooperate, thereby giving the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience to diverse, creative people.

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