How to cook pizza

You will need
    • for dough:
  • warm water — 500 ml;
  • dry yeast — 100 g;
  • flour — 2-3 cups;
  • sugar — 2 tbsp.
  • ;

  • vegetable or olive oil — 2 tbsp.
  • ;

  • salt — 0.5 tbsp.
  • For the sauce:
  • tomatoes — 3 pcs.
  • ;

  • garlic — 23-3 cloves;
  • rosemary — 1 branch;
  • vegetable or olive oil — 2 tbsp.
  • ;

  • For pizza filling:
  • meat base
  • for example
  • minced meat — 300 g;
  • bulb — 1 pc.
  • ;

  • champignons — 400 g;
  • cheese — 200 g;
  • olives — 100 g.

Prepare the pizza dough. To do this, add a little salt, sugar and dry yeast to warm water. Stir everything thoroughly. Gradually start to pour flour in. You should have a soft and elastic mass. When the dough is ready, add a tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil to it.


Cook the pizza sauce. From three medium-sized tomatoes, remove the peel. To make it better off, lower the vegetables into boiling water. After that, rub the tomatoes on a shallow grater. Peel off the husk garlic, grind it. Finely chop rosemary. Pour 2 tbsp olive or vegetable oil, put the same grated tomatoes, garlic, rosemary in there. Put the container with the contents on a slow fire. Cover with a lid and leave the sauce to languish for 10 minutes, stir the contents in the process of languishing.


Prepare the pizza filling. Meat base can be taken any. Finely slice one bulb. Heat the oil in a frying pan, put there minced meat and chopped onions. Salt everything, pepper it. Simmer the meat until ready under a closed lid. Then roast the champignons. Cut rings tomatoes and a few olives. Rub on a large grater cheese.


Grease the baking tray with vegetable oil. Roll out the dough in a thin layer, top top with previously cooked sauce. Lay out the sautéed mushrooms, minced meat and tomatoes. Sprinkle on top with grated cheese. To make the pizza juicy and more delicious, pour it on top with the remaining sauce. Bake the dish in the oven at 160°C 40-50 minutes.

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