How to cook for childrens holidays in kindergarten scenario

You will need
  • – kindergarten education program;
  • – collection of literary works corresponding to the age of children;
  • – computer with text editor.

The program of matinee in kindergarten depends on the theme of the holiday. Preschool institutions celebrate the New Year, social and political holidays, graduation. In some gardens there are also traditional folk and religious holidays – Easter, Christmas, Ivan Kupala’s day. They can be held both in music or sports hall and on the street. On Victory Day it can also be a celebration at the military memorial, if it is nearby.


Think in what shape the matinee will take. In addition to the traditional children’s matinee, it may be a musical, a drama or puppet performance, a literary or musical evening, a program featuring parents.


The script of a regular kindergarten matinee can be divided into three parts. The first is an intro in which children in an art form are told about what a holiday they celebrate. This part includes the words of a presenter who sows hello with children and guests. He can read a small poem that talks about the celebration. Several poems corresponding to the subject matter are read by children. These poems must be short, and must be handed out in advance. One or two songs can be included in the opening part. At the New Year’s matinee, the introductory part is the consideration of the Christmas tree, when children are marching around the forest beauty, and the tutor pays their attention to toys. Ends this part of the New Year holiday usually with the performance of a song about a herringbone, which does not yet mention Santa Claus.


The main part includes the numbers of artistic self-activity. This snippet may begin with a surprise — the appearance of a fabulous character. It should fit the subject, too. At prom it could be Nesnayka, Mary Poppins, Buratino with Malvina, Carlson. In short, it should be characters that children can teach something or who can give some lessons themselves. On the New Year, the heroes of magical fairy tales come to children. It is necessary to take into account the fact that in younger and nursery groups the appearance of a negative hero is undesirable. Kids can freak him out. Think who you bring to the kids and what that character will do. On the national holiday it can be Emelya, Ivanushka – the fool, Vasilisa the Beautiful, Alenushka with Ivanushka. On March 8, the appearance of a fairy tale hero is not necessary, it may just be a concert for moms.


Pick up the numbers of artistic self-activity. They should correspond not only to the theme of the holiday, but also to the program on which the kindergarten works. A list of recommended musical and literary works is in the section devoted to each age group. Songs must alternate with dances, scenes, poems and contests. Sports competitions can be included in the scenario of a national or military holiday. Not only children can participate, but also adults. Even better if the teams are mixed.


Before the final part, the fairy tale hero praises the children, says goodbye to them, and disappears. On New Year’s Day it is at this moment that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden give gifts. The presenter and the children read several poems, singing the final song. It is possible to finish the celebration differently. The host may invite children and parents to a celebratory tea party to the group, if it is envisaged. Graduates are usually handed gifts at the very end, and then everyone goes to be photographed with rags and bouquets.


Consider the design of the hall or platform and briefly describe it. Make a list of what you need to prepare and conduct a matinee. It should include equipment, costumes, attributes for skits and games. Decide who will be responsible for what. The costumes are responsible for the costumes, the music supervisor is responsible for the equipment and attributes. The head can instruct the artist or some of the tutors.


Discuss the scenario no later than 2 months before the matinee. Assign a presenter and decide who will fill the different roles.

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