How to cook fish sauce with mushrooms and olives

You’ll need
    • For fish broth:
  • 500-600 g fish;
  • 1 head of onion;
  • 1 parsley root;
  • 1 bay leaf;
  • 3-4 peas of black pepper;
  • 2-3 liters of water.
  • For the white fish sauce with mushrooms and olives:
  • 2 cups fish broth;
  • 1.5 tbsp butter;
  • 1 tbsp flour;
  • 75g pickled mushrooms;
  • 5-6 pitted olives;
  • parsley and dill greens;
  • lemon juice;
  • salt.
  • For the tomato-mushroom sauce with olives and capers:
  • 2 cups fish broth;
  • 1 tbsp flour;
  • 2 tbsp butter;
  • 2 tbsp tomato pastes;
  • 1 small head of onions; 100g porcini
  • mushrooms;
  • 100g carrots;
  • 75g parsley root;
  • 100g pickles;
  • 50 g capers;
  • 30g olives;
  • 100g boiled sturgeon cartilage;
  • 50g butter;
  • salt.

Fish broth The

basis of most fish sauces is fish broth. To prepare it, clean the fish from the scales and gutting it. Then rinse the carcass under running water, cut it into portions and remove the gills from the head. Put the fish prepared this way in a saucepan, pour in cold water and add salt. Brush the stocky and onion, cut into slices and put in a saucepan. Close with a lid, put on the heat, bring to a boil, remove the foam and cook at a small boil for about half an hour. After that, remove the pieces of fish from the decoction, and continue to cook the head and fins for another 15-20 minutes. Ready broth strain through gauze filter and use to prepare fish sauces.


White fish sauce with mushrooms and olives

Roast, stirring, in a saucepan flour along with a tablespoon of butter. Scatter with 2 cups of fish broth and cook for minutes 7-10. Then refill the sauce with salt, remove from the heat, add lemon juice (or diluted citric acid), as well as a slice of butter (you can put more sour cream or cream if desired). Stir all the ingredients thoroughly so that the butter is combined with the sauce. After that, strain. Grind the pitted olives and pickled mushrooms, add to the sauce and swallow over a quiet heat. Discuss the washed parsley and dill greens, cut finely and put in the sauce. Serve it to boiled fish.


Tomato mushroom sauce with olives and capers

Clean the onion, 1 2 part of the chunks, rinse, finely cut and save in pan with 1 tablespoon flour and the same amount of butter. Add the tomato paste, roast for a few minutes and scatter with fish broth. After that, salt, mix thoroughly and cook over a low heat for 10 minutes. Remove the tomato sauce from the heat, strain, add the butter and stir well. Cut the remaining chunks into bars, pour a little water and let (parsley and carrots separately). Peel the pickles from the skin and seeds, cut them with rhombics and boil. Rinse mushrooms, clean and boil too. Separately boil in lightly salted water the cartilage of sturgeon fish. Cut into slices boiled mushrooms and sturgeon cartilages. Capers take over and remove peduncles from them, and the olives have bones. Pair all the ingredients together, just before serving to the table add them to the tomato sauce, bring it to a boil and turn the heat off immediately. Till the sauce with butter, you can also add 100ml of madera and stir thoroughly.

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