How to cook a lemon-peach cocktail

You’ll need
    • 3 lemons;
  • 3 limes;
  • 0.4 litres of peach nectar;
  • 0.4 litres of lemonade;
  • 200ml mineral water without gas;
  • strawberries or strawberries to taste;
  • a few leaflets of fresh mint.

Rinse all citrus fruits under running water, then two lemons and two limes cut in half and squeeze the juice out of them using juicers. The remaining lemon needs to be cut into slices. To do this, clean it from the skin and pitted, remove the shell of the lobes, and cut the flesh into thin pieces. The same way should be done with the remaining lime.


Citrus juices combine in a large jug, stir, add slices of lemon and lime, pour half a glass of stab ice. Add the resulting citrus mixture with peach nectar, filling it approximately a third part of the pitcher. For another third of the volume, pour into a jug of lemonade and fill the jug with refrigerated mineral water without gas.


In that form, the cocktail might seem too sweet. To change this, add fresh mint leaflets to the pitcher. If you give the peppermint leaflets with boiling water, after they have been washed, the taste of them will be more pronounced and rich. Strawberry berries or strawberries are best suited for such a cocktail. Take fresh ripe berries, choose those lacking wormholes or rotted specks. Optionally, strawberries can be cut into pieces or added whole.

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