How to choose balletes




most important thing when choosing a shoe is to determine the quality of the material from which it is made. The most comfortable is genuine leather, which quickly takes the shape of the foot and does not rub. It won’t be too hot in such ballet flats in summer, as this material lets air through. Leather shoes may feature punching patterns (perforation), which will not only make ballet flats more interesting externally, but also provide additional ventilation.


Note the quality of the sole. Try to buy shoes on polyurethane, this material is the most resilient, wear-resistant and flexible. Through such sole you won’t feel the reeds and other road debris.


Don’t forget to check the quality of the firmware and the soles. The most reliable and comfortable is the casting mount, which will not suffer from rain and will extend the shelf life of ballets. Bend the sole in different directions to determine its flexibility and strength.


This season, white and beige ballet flats are considered the most fashionable and popular. Such shoes combine perfectly with jeans, dresses, skirts, which makes them versatile. There are ballet flats not only on the flat sole, which gives extra stress on the spine, but also with a small heel.


Try on your favorite model with capron socks and on the barefoot to find yourself the most convenient option. Be sure to check the fastening strength of sewn or glued decorative parts, if they lose similar elements will be very difficult to find.


Choose bright and shiny ballet flats for summer, such a flourish is also fashionable this year. Sequins and beads will refresh your image, make it more modern. You can pick up shoes with prints that will complement and decorate the image created with the help of clothing.


Ballet flats should fit into the colour scheme and style of the bottom of your outfit. Don’t wear a cloak together with this kind of shoe, these two things don’t fit together very badly. Also ballet flats should not be worn along with classic trousers, evening clutches and tights.

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